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Samvedna: embracing emotions

What is driving our thoughts and behavior? Is our default to operate from love or from fear? Love is what we are born with, fear is what we learn.

  • Give yourself permission to feel and heal

  • Consciously shift from the energy of fear to the energy of love

  • Understand, embrace and harness the power of your emotions 

  • Create deeper, more meaningful relationships and enjoy love and companionship

  • Stop overthinking and improve your decision making

  • Reduce stress, anxiety and fatigue

Nov 6th to 27th – 4 live zoom sessions

Samriddhi: living in abundance

Our true nature is abundance and harmony.

Our circumstances may seem limited and limiting… our being is infinite and expansive. Can we trust that expansiveness and infinite nature and tap into it? True abundance is a state of being. It is a deep knowing within ourselves that we are born to thrive and are worthy of the best that life has to offer – not only materially but in every aspect of life – health, love, opportunities, recreation and more.

  • Learn the spiritual principles of abundance

  • Shift from poverty consciousness to prosperity consciousness

  • Overcome thoughts and beliefs that are keeping you stuck in lack

  • Release patterns that are unconsciously self-sabotaging

  • Remove your abundance blocks and manifest your dreams

Nov 27th to Dec 18th – 4 live zoom sessions


  • 21-day total well-being quest 

  • Session recordings to rewatch and deepen your learning 

  • Support from me for an additional 30 days after program ends

  • Being part of an exclusive tribe of like-minded people 


Meet Your Facilitator

Divya Jain


Join me for this transformative learning experience and bring ease, flow and clarity in your life. When you sign up for Samvedna you will also be getting my other course Samriddhi - living in abundance absolutely free. Both courses will be taught live on zoom by me. You will have access to the session recordings and many other bonuses.


What People are saying

"Life becomes so easy, simple and joyful if a person has clarity on their own emotions, thoughts and actions. " These are the keys to healthy and meaningful relationships. Divya guided me very well to understand this concept of life and my power of taking decisions without getting into guilt or other emotional charges. She shares excellent concepts and helps to understand as well by different ways and means gently. The courses I have done with her are one of the few life changing courses of my life."

- Shivi Batra Meditation Master

"Divya helped me realize how fear was running my life - my relationships, my decisions, even my health.I was either avoiding my emotions or overindulging in them. I now have a much healthier relationship with my emotions and am more accepting and compassionate towards myself and others. My anxiety and overwhelm has come down drastically. People around me are noticing the calmer and happier me. Thank you Divya! I would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to improve their relationships, life and wellbeing."

- Palak Verma, Manager, MNC

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