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We are living in the age of information overload. Something or the other is constantly vying for our attention. While we feel we are more connected to the world today than ever before in history, I feel our connection with ourselves is suffering in the process.


Everyone, including kids, is so busy doing so many things, that often we feel distracted, bored, exhausted and overwhelmed. 


We are living through a global pandemic and levels of anxiety and uncertainty are at an all- time high. It’s a stressful and confusing time for children too. We need to make time to connect with ourselves more deeply and become mindful of our emotional responses to situations. 


Often, we can't change the circumstances, what we can change is the way we respond to them. 

The goal of these sessions is to build awareness and emotional vocabulary for families and to learn healthy ways of managing difficult emotions. When we teach children to make friends with their emotions and learn to self-regulate, we are really preparing them for life.


All emotions are valid, all behaviors are not! We need to empower our children to make healthy choices.


Come join us on a fun ride to understand ourselves better!


  • Short, kid-friendly Guided meditations

  • Songs and riddles

  • Stories and art

  • Breathing practices

  • Gratitude, acknowledging the negatives and focusing on the positive


Daily sessions for 5 days. Each session will be about an hour. Suggested age group is 6 to 10 years.

For more information about the facilitator, please visit


Contact +919448481580 or for more information and booking your seat.



Monday October 19th to Friday October 23rd


11am to 12pm OR 4pm to 5pm

1800 per child
2500 per family (for more than one child and parents)



What People are saying

Having benefited greatly from Divya's Emotional Wellbeing workshop, I jumped at the chance to have my 10 year-old daughter participate in her Mindfulness for Kids session.  Divya uses fun, age-appropriate, imaginative activities and provides simple (yet powerful) techniques for kids to develop their emotional awareness, cultivate mindfulness and evolve their own calming / centering practices.  An essential life skill for our kids to develop; and very timely in our current challenging times due to the pandemic.

- Mallika Rana, Data Analytics Consultant, Bangalore

I like all of the fun activities we do!! Divya Aunty is very creative, and she makes us do all kinds of things to understand how we feel, how to get over a bad feeling, and so many other things that will definitely come in handy. We draw and colour things, watch and listen to fun videos and songs about Breathing, How The Human Mind Works, Feelings and other fun things which really help us understand in a really fun way!! We do anagrams, listen to deep stories... 

- Sanmati Jain, 10


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