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Attention: All parents wanting to improve their relationship with their children


  • Your superpowers so you can parent from a place of strength.

  • Your blind spots and triggers that are stopping you from connecting deeply with your children.

  • How to drop the parent guilt and have more compassion for yourself and your kids despite the drama.

  • See your needs and your children's needs in a new light so you can respond, not react.

  • And become the parent and person you always dreamed to be and deserve to be!


  • Recorded Meditation Audio for daily recharge

  • Am I a good parent questionnaire  - A self-assessment tool to support your parenting journey.




Meet Your Presenter

Divya Jain


I love helping successful and busy parents who are stressed and worried to break the cycle of over-doing and truly discover the joy of parenting.


In this experiential hands-on workshop we will work together to understand your parenting superpowers and also your blind spots. Together we will identify your patterns and emotional triggers that create frustration and overwhelm for you, your kids and your partner and stop you from becoming the parent you always dreamed to be.


There are no perfect kids or parents;

Every kid and parent is unique, whole and complete!


What People are saying

I attended "Master the Art of Parenting with Divya Jain" and am incredibly grateful for the lovely insights, and simple yet powerful messages she presented on how to be better parents. In an age of information overload, it was great to have someone like Divya bring in her experience to organize, structure and present these concepts in a meaningful and genuinely caring way. Highly recommend this for all parents. 

- Rajeev Rajagopal, Bangalore

I attended the parenting workshop with Divya .. it was such an eye opener. I could relate with so many issues we discussed and the analogies of gardener and a navigator just made sooo much sense at different junctures of life !

Divya has got such an informal and easy going manner. And there is no judgement here - a forum where all parents can open their hearts and enjoy this journey by learning from each other .

I would highly recommend no matter which stage of parenting you are in !

- Dr Rakhee Kamath,  General Practitioner (Family Medicine), UK

I would like to thank Divya for inviting me for her workshop and selflessly sharing her experience and learning. It was indeed eye opening and an excellent session to understand our roles as parents. The way Divya explained to us about parenting was amazing. 


I would strongly recommend all parents young and old to attend this workshop and enlighten themselves with the wisdom that Divya shares with us 

- Zarir Shroff,  CEO Red Tours, UK

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