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Master the ART of Parenting Workshop

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As parents we often wonder - Am I doing the right thing as a parent? Am I a good parent? Am I doing enough? Or sometimes, where am I going wrong?

At times we are surprised at our own behavior – the things we end up saying or doing as parents – things we never thought we would say or do! (Hint: yelling at our kids, spying on them, not trusting their choices, name calling, micromanaging... its a long list :) )

We all pictured ourselves to be calm, cool and fun parents. The reality is we are overwhelmed, worried, anxious and exhausted a lot of the time.

If some or all of the above are resonating with you, then I invite you to explore the Why, What and How of parenting over 3 days in my upcoming workshop “Master the Art of Parenting and raise happy, confident, resilient kids". 27-29 JULY 2023, 6:30PM - 8 PM 


are we parenting the way we are parenting? Why are we worried, overwhelmed, anxious and exhausted as parents?


is our role as parents? What do we really want for our children and ourselves?


do we create a deep, meaningful and joyful connection with our children, one that sustains for a lifetime and beyond? How do we raise kids who will grow up to be responsible adults with the right attitude and values?

This workshop will best serve:


  • Parents of children of all ages who are willing to take a close and honest look at their own patterns and triggers and learn from them.

  • Parents who want to engage with their children and themselves with awareness and develop a deep connection.

  • Those who want to overcome parenting worry, anxiety, frustration and guilt.

  • Anyone who wants to have healthier relationships with their loved ones.

This workshop is not for:

  • Those who are looking for quick fixes to their parenting challenges.

  • Those who are not ready to look inwards and take action to create change.

  • Those who think their kids and partners or circumstances need to change.

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