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5 days | FREE of charge | Independence Day special | starts 15 Aug 2023



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Do you ever think, "I will be FREE & HAPPY, only if...

  • I am free to live life on my own terms

  • I don’t have to live up to the expectations of others

  • I have the freedom to be who I am "


Create more FREEDOM & INDEPENDENCE in your life. 

Over 5 days we will explore ...

What is making you feel constrained & bound?

What are you seeking freedom FROM?

Is it something OR someone outside of you OR within you?

What CHOICES are you making and finding it difficult to take responsibility for? 

What CHOICES are you NOT making because you do NOT want to take responsibility for them?

How to CREATE more freedom and independence in your life?


My name is Divya Jain.

In working with scores of people over the years, whenever we look at goals and aspirations, no matter what the answers are – better health, more money, deeper relationships, fulfilling career – eventually what everyone is seeking is happiness, peace and freedom.


While the dictionary meaning of freedom is the quality or state of being free; the power to act, speak or think as one wants without compulsion or constraint; to me freedom is about having choice. Lack of choice makes us feel helpless and powerless. Each of us has the power of choice in every moment and every choice we make has a consequence. Sometimes the fear of the consequences makes us feel like we have no choice.


The word independence means the state of being free from the control or power of another. Independence is autonomy, sovereignty and self-sufficiency. To me independence is taking responsibility for the choices we make.

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What past participants are saying...

"Freedom Quest" has been a great experience. It was a small activity if you look at it but very very profound. A couple of key takeaways personally for me have been "Learned Helplessness" and how freedom is different for each one of us. I also had quite an insight into how free am I even though I always say that I am free. I will recommend this to everyone. It will clear the glass with which we see freedom for ourselves.


Immense gratitude to Divya for all the effort in putting such programs for us.


Swati, Entrepreneur

Thank you Divya for the wonderful five day quest on 'Freedom'. Prior to the quest, my knowledge and understanding on freedom was limited but thanks to Divya for guiding and making the session more interactive and widening my learning and opening new meanings to it. It made me realise and reflect at situations in my life where I was actually not providing the space and blaming situations/ people around me to feel constrained. Through the session, it made me realise that by merely using the positivity of words and self reflection, I can change this compulsion to a more relaxed situation.


Looking forward to learning more and enjoying every bit of my freedom.



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