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"You are not alone"

For here I am to guide and support you on your journey towards personal growth and transformation.

Each session is customized and tailored to a client’s unique needs. I use a combination of coaching techniques and healing modalities.


Divya has a gift of being a patient listener and is very insightful. She hears one out with a very open heart, is quick to address the root cause of one's issues and conveys the same to them in a loving yet effective manner. 

I truly believe that life is a journey filled with endless learnings and when going gets tough, sessions with her can make the sailing far more smoother and meaningful.     

Shradha Bagaria, Researcher

Workshops are for group learning. They are experiential and help people understand concepts and application through tools and processes.


I loved the concise content with enough amount of depth - not too overwhelmingly much to grasp yet something that was relatable, current and comprehensible. The batch size was just right and the session just flowed into various aspects of parenting, its challenges and how we need to look at our own beliefs before we react to our kids. If Divya comes up with a  whole day session, I'd definitely sign up for it.

Tina Ahlawat, Homemaker

Seminar & Trainings

Seminars and trainings are designed for groups and corporates and can be customized for specific needs. Seminars are short talks on various topics. 


"Life becomes so easy, simple and joyful if a person has clarity on their own emotions, thoughts and actions. " These are the keys of healthy and meaningful relationships. Divya guided me very well to understand this concept of life and my power of taking decisions without getting into guilt or other emotional charges. She has very good concepts and helps to understand as well by different ways and means gently. The courses I have done with her are one of the few life changing courses of my life.

Shivi Batra, Meditation Master

Meditation Sessions

These are group sessions and are guided and offered in-person or online.


I always found it challenging to meditate as I find it difficult to sit still. The guided meditation left me thinking only positive thoughts. Divya has a powerful way of connecting to people's hearts.

Sri V, Filmmaker

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