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Total Wellbeing Quest


A 28 days group program by Divya Jain

We are multi-dimensional beings – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual.

Well-being isn’t an absence of disease. It is a sense of aliveness and vibrance in our beings. We feel this sense of aliveness and vibrance when we are nourished and healthy in all the four dimensions, not just the physical.

Most of us take good care of our physical bodies but not necessarily of our other selves. This leads to disharmony and disease. These selves are not independent of each other. They are deeply connected and highly interdependent.

Research shows that despite a lot of emphasis on eating right and exercising to be fit, depression and other mental health issues are on the rise.

When there is disharmony and imbalance in our being, we lose interest and feel disconnected from ourselves and the world. We feel like we are somehow getting through our days. Life seems like a struggle. We get stressed and anxious, get stuck in cycles of repetitive negative thoughts, ruminate about the past or worry about the future, have conflict in relationships, have a cynical view of life and the world.

Over 4 weeks we will ...

Examine all the DIMENSIONS of our being

Learn SELF-CARE PRACTICES for each dimension 

 Replace unhealthy habits with NEW HEALTHY ONES

Understand how these dimensions IMPACT EACH OTHER

Integrate EVOLVING ALL four dimensions  to achieve TOTAL WELLBEING

With limited understanding of who we are, our life and this world seems scary. The more deeply we understand ourselves, the better we understand the world. We feel more connected with ourselves and with all of creation. We are able to live more fully. We are able to connect, express and contribute in deep and meaningful ways.

Some Expected Learning Outcomes

Increased self-awareness and self-regulation

Reduced Stress & Anxiety

Improved Focus & Attention

Increased optimism and motivation

Happier Relationships

Greater sense of well being


Image by Adrien Converse

Duration 4 weeks

Image by Adrien Converse

A concept and practice will be shared daily in our WhatsApp group

Image by Adrien Converse

Follow along and share your progress with the group

Image by Adrien Converse

Time investment daily – 15 to 20 mins – any time during the day convenient to you

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BONUS: Two group catch-up and Q&A sessions LIVE on Zoom

Program Fee – INR 4,999
Discounted Price  – INR 2,499 only
(program starts Aug 9th)

If you are

  • Ready to give yourself the care you deserve

  • Willing to take action

  • Committed to your well-being and growth

Then join me and other like-minded individuals on this journey towards achieving Total Wellbeing.

To register


WhatsApp: +91 9448481580

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