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Anveshanam is a Sanskrit word which means inquiry, search, exploration and discovery.

Who am I? Our self isn’t fixed. Its fluid and ever changing. We can discover ourselves through curiosity, through a willingness to constantly observe and examine ourselves, by creating space for our true self to emerge.

Anveshanam is your partner in your journey of self-discovery, helping you get to know yourself by befriending your emotions, transforming limiting beliefs, releasing past trauma, breaking inner barriers to success and empowering you to live the life of your dreams. The answers lie within us and come to us through exploration and inquiry.

Like Rumi says – we carry inside us the wonders we seek outside us.

Divya Jain

I look at myself as an agent of change. I truly believe that real transformation happens inside out. Most times when we get tired of looking outside for answers, we turn inwards and then we understand that what’s outside is a reflection of our inner self. I find great joy and deep fulfillment in being a guide and fellow traveler on journeys of self-discovery.

My long and varied experiences in theater, the corporate world and in my own spiritual pursuits give me a unique perspective on human behavior and interpersonal relationships which I share with individuals and groups through my work as a healer, trainer and life coach.

Morning Mist Over Trees
what people are saying

Working with Divya has been a wonderful experience. It gives me immense joy to have known and worked with a dedicated, consistent and reliable professional. Her skill and knowledge of essential tools and techniques imparted during sessions are easily applicable in day-to-day life. Apart from the professional contribution, Divya’s kindness, patience and guidance helped establish a connection at a much deeper and meaningful level. I would highly recommend these sessions for anyone looking to evolve, experience positive change and transformation. 

Meditation by the Sea


Software Developer, Bangalore

"With a lot of kindness and patience, Divya guided me through the process of reflecting upon my emotions and dealing with them better through talk sessions, guided meditation and healing modalities. The sessions were always a relief, a discovery and have made a lasting impact on how I engage with life now. Thank you Divya!


I'd highly recommend the therapy sessions to anyone who is dealing with a personal crisis or would like to work on improving their relationship with their emotions and themselves."

Baby's Clutch

Yamini Reddy

Artist, Bangalore

I had some deep-rooted grief due to the loss of a grandparent during my childhood. I was taken through this beautiful session by Divya which completely healed the sadness and help me make peace. It also rid me of other manifestations from this grief. I would highly recommend working with Divya to be healed, to help you better yourself and your life. She puts her heart and soul into what she does and is never mindful of the clock!


Social Worker, Singapore

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