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We are living in unprecedented times and parenting in these times seems to be way more challenging than ever before. With uncertainty staring us in the face, we are all collectively yearning for a return to a familiar way of life. Our anxiety about the future of our children is heightened and so are our fears about their well-being. Today, more than ever, we need to equip our children with the ability to navigate difficult situations. Can we empower them to face challenges without empowering ourselves?
The Emotionally Empowered Parenting program is aimed at developing self-awareness as a parent. These group sessions are interactive and experiential with time allocated for questions and sharing. You will learn techniques that you will be able to apply in your life. There will be time to practice what we learn between modules and come back with questions and doubts. The details of each modules are below. Check out what past participants have to say about the program at the bottom.

Module 1

What does parenting mean to us?
Understanding Emotions
Are we operating from love or fear?
What are our beliefs about parenting and emotions?
Guided meditation, breathing practices, self-reflection through journaling

Module 2

The root of negative emotions
What do our children really need?
Setting healthy nurturing boundaries
Tips and tools for empowerment



What People are saying

Doing the Emotionally Empowered Parenting workshop made me realise just how fear-driven and anxious a parent I have been.  With her calm demeanour and gentle yet no-nonsense manner, Divya was the perfect guide / facilitator in my search to better understand my own feelings and those of my kids and spouse.  My most liberating realisation was that love is the flip side of fear.  I believe that flipping my own perspective from one of fear to one of love has made me a much more relaxed and grounded parent.  I highly recommend the workshop to anyone wanting to educate themselves on their own and their kids’ emotional selves.

- Mallika Rana, Data Analytics Consultant, Bangalore

Parenthood should come with a user manual” - Does this thought pop into your mind very often? Divya’s workshop will help you reflect upon and improve your parenting style. She gently guides using engaging activities, incisive questionnaires and meaningful discussions. Attending this workshop has been one of the best things I have done!!!

- Jyothi Kunjoor, Story Teller, Bangalore

I attended the Emotionally empowered parenting workshop conducted by Divya and had quite a few takeaways. One that stood out particularly was the ability to distinguish thoughts vs feelings and help my child identify that as well. It helped my daughter understand that she can use her words appropriately to convey her thoughts and feelings differently. Parenting is definitely something that requires constant introspection and this workshop by Divya was the perfect one to help me do that. Would definitely recommend the session to others.

- Carol Pinto, Co-founder, Bloom & Grow, Bangalore


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