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Stepping into your power

A self discovery workshop designed specially for women

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The SIYP program is aimed at self-discovery and is designed especially for women. In these group sessions we co-create a safe space for learning. Sessions are interactive and experiential with time allocated for questions and sharing. You will learn techniques that you will be able to apply in your life. There will be time to practice what we learn between modules and come back with questions and doubts. Anything we learn becomes embodied only when we apply the learning and practice. A group of like-minded individuals makes the learning richer and more fun. The details of each modules are below. Check out what past participants have to say about the program at the bottom.

Module 1

Who Am I – how do we perceive ourselves?
Understanding gender and stereotypes
Power – how do we understand power?
Guided Visualization of powerful self
Reflection exercise for self-practice

Module 2

Loving and prioritizing yourself 
Source of healthy power
Guided process to uncover limiting beliefs
Personalized Affirmations
Healthy boundaries – what are they and why do we need them?

Module 3

What keeps us from living powerfully – what holds us back?
Deeper dive into understanding healthy boundaries
Ways in which we give our power away
Guided process to live from a place of healthy power


You are only as powerful as you allow yourself to be


What People are saying

Divya works with her clients with a lot of compassion and empathy. Her voice is soft and her words are encouraging and assuring.
There is something wonderful about such group activity. There is so much empathy towards each other. 
I felt a little bit of me in everyone else. It’s so beautiful to learn to actually love yourself. Thank you Divya.

-Lata, (Retd) Special Educator

I strongly believe that the 'Stepping into your Power’ program is a superb workshop where Divya handheld me through some of my emotional fear and effectively guided me to be in "Power" to handle and come out of the situation.

I do see a difference in my journey as a human being practicing the tools and techniques that were taught by Divya in SIYP.

Being a woman and working from an “empowered space” is something I enjoy the most now. It has given me an immense thrust in my work and family life.

Thanks Divya for conducting this workshop and enabling me to operate from healthy power always!

- Kusuma Ramaswamy, Manager, Semiconductor MNC.

"Healthy boundaries are not walls, they are gates and fences that allow you to enjoy the beauty of your own garden"

It took all these years and this workshop with Divya Jain to understand this. This workshop happened at the right time in my journey and helped me understand why I struggle and where I struggle to draw the line. I understood why it is important to hold my healthy power. I am already experiencing the amazing transformation in and around me by practicing what I learnt in this workshop. My relationship with myself and others is so much healthier and there is more compassion and respect for each other. 

-Mouna Sidappa, Special Educator

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