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Attention:  Anyone wanting to understand & experience the power of forgiveness

 Open the secret door to freedom and happiness
through forgiveness

Free 90 min experiential session LIVE on zoom
Thursday 15th Dec, 6 to 7:30pm IST




•    What forgiveness is
and what it isn't. Its often misunderstood 

•    How to stop your past from becoming your future

and create the beautiful future that you desire 

•    Guided process to open the door to your freedom and happiness
everything you want is on the other side of forgiveness 

•    Forgive and don’t forget 
why you don’t need to forget once you forgive

•    A simple and powerful ancient practice 
to stop you from getting stuck in loops of rage, regret and revenge 




Experiential 90 min session LIVE on zoom
Thursday 15th Dec, 6 to 7:30pm IST

Meet Your Presenter

Divya Jain


Do you find it hard to let go of past hurts? You want to forgive but are unable to. You are trying to forgive but don’t know if you are doing it right.

I know forgiveness isn’t easy. Wanting to forgive is one thing but actually doing it is quite another. That is why in this experiential session I want to share with you simple yet powerful practices to forgive and release the hold of the past so that you can create the future you desire and deserve.

I truly believe that we are all born to thrive. Pain isn't our story, it is love and joy. I coach people and enable them to learn from, heal and release the past so that they can truly thrive.

We do not have the power to change the past, we do have the power to create a new future!

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